864: Fun Sounds Train

Key data

Category: PL - Play Set

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 1 +

Number of pieces: 39

Number of unique pieces: 17


1 Train stationer orange with blue roof and grey pavement with clock(yellow hands) and 2 yellow doors attached

1 white and blue bird house with sprung door and blue bird attached

1 red and blue engine

2 red and blue carriages

1 level crossing with orange boom gate and 2 yellow connector points attached

1 grey rail track with orange boom gate and green garden attached

1 grey rail track with blue carousel attached

1 brown path and gates with 2 brown swing gates attached

4 people

1 yellow lamp post

1 yellow traffic lights

1 corn plant with red bird

1 grey/green path and gate with 2 green gates attached

1 yellow and red windmill

1 blue and orange toll booth

1 yellow umbrella with red stand

19 pieces in large plastic box with lids


Description: nil

Alerts and warnings