789: Discovery Village

Key data

Category: PL - Play Set

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 1 +

Number of pieces: 41

Number of unique pieces: 18


1 swing green/brown with orange seat

1 yellow fish pond

1 grey rock fence

1 green fence

1 blue car

1 orange/green and white food stand

1 red cart

1 yellow plane on red stand

1 girl with red dress and pencil

1 yellow traffic light

1 green grocer

4 beige side attachments

1 section with school (white doors), hop scotch

1 section with yellow/blue food shop and red cash register

1 main stage with 3 musical stands

1 red fire hydrant

1 orange skateboard

21 pieces in a container with lids


Description: nil

Alerts and warnings