743: Letoyvan Lavender Dolls House

Key data

Category: DO - Domestic

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 3 +

Number of pieces: 37

Number of unique pieces: 33


1 lavender wooden dolls house with following items attached:

1 large opening door with white front door, and 3 windows with pink and green shutters attached.

1 small opening door with 2 windows and pink and green shutters attached.

1 Sides of doll house have 2 windows each with green shutters attached and 3 planter boxes on each side.

2 removable roof panels

1 In Bag:

1 wooden staircase

1 pink bed with red checked mattress

1 red bed cover with heart

1 blue bed with blue checked mattress

1 blue bed cover with star

1 pink bedside table

1 lamp

1 bedside table with 1 yellow drawers

1 lady with pink top and floral skirt

1 man with denim overalls

1 girl with purple hoodie and skirt

1 baby

1 rocking cradle with pink ends

1 toy box with yellow lid attached

1 red truck (1 currently missing)

1 rocker

1 blue and pink skateboard (1 currently missing)

1 toy dollhouse base (1 currently missing)

1 pink triangular toy doll house roof

1 pram with pink wheels

1 dining table with purple top with 4 plates attached

4 dining chairs with purple seats

1 stove top with green door attached

1 sink with 2 green doors

1 cupboard with 1 green door attached

1 sideboard with 2 purple doors attached

1 white saucepan (1 currently missing)


Description: nil

Alerts and warnings