2961: Pooh Growing Fun Gym and Playset

Key data

Category: B - Baby

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 0 +

Number of pieces: 16

Number of unique pieces: 14


1 Purple-green tree side with red door and spinning butterfly

1 Purple-green tree side with red door, red hook and yellow bell

2 Yellow slide pieces (1 piece attached to each side of tree)

1 Green base with 2 purple posts (swing supports attached)

1 Green bar and ropes (for swing)

1 Red barrel

1 Green roadway-arch

1 Red cart with 4 wheels

3 Straps (red, purple, yellow)

1 Pooh rattle with mirror

1 Eeyore rattle

1 Tigger with bell

1 Instruction sheet

0 Total: 16 pieces with cloth bag and toggle in box.s


Description: 16 pieces

Alerts and warnings