2223: Plan Toys Airport

Key data

Category: PL - Play Set

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 3 +

Number of pieces: 13

Number of unique pieces: 10


1 Airport with 2 storey area, flight control tower, red elevator connected by white string, blue luggage conveyor belt with red handle & grey pathway.

1 Orange airplane with front wheels and white band. (1 currently missing)

1 Orange and white classic airplane with front wheels, white band, 2 white wings, white fan and white tail.

1 Yellow helicopter with black chopper, white fan, black stand and 2 black seat belts.

1 Red turboprop airplane with a front wheels, a wing with 2 grey rockets and 2 white fans, white tail and white band.

1 car and cargo trailer with white band (1 currently missing)

2 Straight sky paths (1 currently missing)

4 People (Black, blue, grey, orange, yellow)

1 Orange & White CheckIn Counter

0 Total: 13 Pieces in toggle bag in containers


Description: 13 pieces

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