2161: Little People Pre School

Key data

Category: PL - Play Set

Location: I (In library)

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 21

Number of unique pieces: 14


1 Red-white-blue schoolhouse with 20 coloured counters; coloured mat; yellow on-off switch; blue battery cover

1 Tree house with purple round about; red slide; 9 white noughts and crosses rollers; green battery cover

1 Yellow-orange swing attached to orange see saw

1 White-blue ice cream truck (1 currently missing)

1 green garden bench

1 Blue piano_

9 People_s

1 Purple-yellow-red swing_

1 Red ladder_ (1 currently missing)

1 Yellow flag_

1 Yellow-blue slide_

1 Yellow Bus_

1 Green blackboard

0 Total: 21 Pieces in plastic box with lid and toggle bag.s


Description: 22 pieces

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