2070: Pop Onz Circus

Key data

Category: PL - Play Set

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 2 +

Number of pieces: 22

Number of unique pieces: 15


1 Circus top with yellow base, red and white top that turns with 3 green swings attached, blue middle with blue battery cover and a blue and white turning circle.

1 Red-purple-yellow trapeze ring

7 Characters (green turtle, blue seal, yellow dog, white elephant, orange tiger, brown monkey, purple monkey)

1 Orange-blue tricycle

1 White-red cannon

1 Red-purple seesaw

1 purple carriage

1 Purple sidecar

1 Purple flag

1 Red-blue carriage

1 Blue popon

2 Yellow popons

2 Purple popons

1 Red popon

0 Total: 24 pieces with toggle bag in plastic box with lids


Description: 23 pieces

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