2032: Wader Construction Team

Key data

Category: PL - Play Set

Location: O (On loan)

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 85

Number of unique pieces: 21


1 Red-yellow crane (4 wheels, 2 blue winders, white string with yellow hook on end)

1 Small green-red-yellow dump truck

1 Green-grey tractor with scoop at front and red steering knob

1 blue-red-yellow truck with sterring knob

1 Blue-red long trailer with blue handle

1 Rubbish truck with blue handle, red steering knob, yellow-red moveable parts for rubbish bins

1 Red-yellow fire truck with ladder and rope

3 Red-yellow cones

2 Red barriers (1 currently missing)

2 Yellow Barriers

2 Yellow Bins

1 Flat red ramp

2 Thin red ramps

4 Yellow blocks

4 Red blocks

1 Green block

1 Yellow crane bucket with red handle

40 Plastic links (10 each of blue, green, red, yellow)

16 laminated cards

0 Total: 29 pieces in a plastic container with lid and toggle bag.s

0 Total: 56 pieces in original box in plastic bag.s


Description: 30 pieces

Alerts and warnings