1314: Birthday Box

Key data

Category: BI - Birthday box

Location: I (In library)

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 34

Number of unique pieces: 20


1 Pin the tail on the donkey(10 valcro numbers,1 donkey tail, 1 blind fold all in plastic bag)

1 Bubble Machine (in box with instruction sheet requires 4C Batteries and Bubble mix.

2 Set cake templates

1 Fantastic cakes - Womens Weekly

1 Kids birthday cakes - Womens weekly

1 ABC for Kids book of cakes

4 CD assorted (Hi 5, Wiggles, Bananas)

1 Whistle with white cord

2 Mini cricket bats

2 Sets wickets (8 pieces in cloth bag with toggle)

2 Tennis balls with cricket sets

1 Sets quoits (7 quoits in toggle bag, 2 base pieces)

1 Egg and spoon set (4 spoons and 4 eggs that crack in 2 piesces and all contain a fabric centre)

8 Blindfold-ties in toggle bags

1 Jumbo elastics

1 Skipping rope with 2 handles

1 Parachute

1 Blue drawstring bag for parachute

1 Leapfrog Birthday cake game

1 Suggestion folder with games suggestions and content list


Description: 85 pieces

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