1181: Little People Fun Fair

Key data

Category: PL - Play Set

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 2 +

Number of pieces: 16

Number of unique pieces: 14


1 Yellow-red roller coaster with purple lever at top, monkey and parachute on side, merry go round with 3 seats and orange turning leer, 2 yellow fence posts, 2 blue cups on bottom for legs, purple swinging lever and a yellow battery cover

1 Rocket ship merry go round with green canopy, 2 rocket cars on yellow bars, purple knob on top and 2 yellow fence posts.

1 Blue-green booth with mirror and 2 fence posts

1 Yellow booth with 2 yellow fence posts

1 Yellow booth with 1 red lever, 3 green bottles and 2 yellow fence posts.

4 People

1 Orange flag

1 Yellow scooter

1 Yellow trailer

1 Dog

1 Purple roller coaster car

1 Red trailer

1 Instruction sheet

0 ENDs


Description: 19 pieces

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