Key data

Category: BI - Birthday box

Location: I (In library)

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 62

Number of unique pieces: 9


1 Bubblemachine with controller and electrical cord

1 large Parachute

6 Jumping Bags

6 Pot Stilts

6 Eggs with 6 Egg Pillows insides (6 currently missing)

6 Egg Spoons (6 currently missing)

1 Pirate Treasure Trail Game (incl. 11 Trail Cards & Puzzle)

1 Fairy Trail Game (incl. 11 Trail Cards, Puzzle & Instructions)

34 pieces in Large Plastic Roller Boxes


Description: The birthday box is bookable and costs $10 to hire. This MUST be returned at the beginning of the following shift or by negotiation with a supervisor

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